Sunday, 7 October 2012

the widow's kiss

thou, scheming soul, of haunting lies,
of naked half-truths and foul vies;
who spoke of clear winds and vivid blue seas,
and acre-bound trees,
and honey'd blue bees.

and shadowed hearts! unpredictably wild,
that cannot be loved for even a while;
but sweetly gives scent of amber'd embrace,
that cold doth replace,
that hides with no face.

oh, murderous fiend, how subtle thine blade,
that purity killed in sunspotted shade,
by beaches, by leaves, by decrepit huts,
like deep flowing cuts,
no ifs ands or buts.

but cruel! but soft! but tender and disdain, how could one so light be heartened and vain?
with nothing but whispers in darkened ravines,
thou, scheming soul,
and shadowed heart,
oh, murderous fiend.

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