Wednesday, 15 February 2012

on knowledge

what is the purpose of knowledge? why are people inspired and why do people seek answers? is knowledge finite, and if so will we ever grasp it all? is that possible? why can't we just be ignorant and be happy with that? are we already fully ignorant and happy about it?

it doesn't take a philosopher to ask these questions but if you haven't asked this to yourself, then maybe now would be a good time to think - why is it that we know anything at all? and with the more knowledge, realise that maybe we don't really know anything and we make things up as we go along, grasping to dilapidated constructs and building upon them to serve a primordial instinct - one that fools us into believing we actually know, and that is comforting enough.

i don't ask these things in hopes of answers, but that one day, when i am on my death bed, god will tell me the answers. or possibly in an afterlife. because, really, if i don't believe in such things as a higher being... i would have no comfort of and about knowledge, not in this life, or in a non-existant otherworld.

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