Monday, 1 August 2011

parting is such sweet -fsck it-

what’s that, my dear?
nothing to fear,
just something less than chinaware;
you sure it’s true?
it comes for you,
for fair, it actually comes in pairs.

but worry not,
for eyes so hot,
instead ask why it has to part?
now that you’ve gone,
left me forlorn,
why, now I see a broken heart.

it makes much sense,
this decadence,
now rise to fill this empty shell;
with ignorance,
and no two cents,
my dear, this heart has left to swell.

come lonely nights,
with bitter fights,
that exist not because of loss;
my love, farewell,
or fare-thee-well,
now that I can no more accost.

since I once thought,
that was for naught,
for sometimes lies cannot come true;
yet hold on now
and ask me how?
i messed it up for me, for you?

it was a simple, dainty dish – to feast upon this soul’s last wish,
and yet could not be answered by whom now I beg to ask her why,

instead I plead you let us part with nary shattered, broken heart,
but know that till that day arrives, my dear, you spare me not our lives.

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