Thursday, 23 June 2011

in which forgetfulness is key

i had the most amazing dream last night. i woke up in the middle of it and (heard this before, folks) it was so vivid. then i forget.

i had an idea i penned down in a single sentence. to write and rhyme and make in art. then i forget.

i have a million things on my to do list, each one more important than the previous. then i forget.

i read from tongues i do not speak, i read from authors i keep wanting to read. i make a list somewhere of books that i need to read before the day is done, before the year is out. i lose these scraps of paper, and then... then i forget.

every day i think of a red rose, and how fermina of such heart is... ineffable. but against all my will, and sometimes more. of this i cannot forget.

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