Sunday, 10 October 2010

streetside poetry ii

more infectious poetry while i sort out some stuff related to work and health!

dear God today is quite humid,
it's good for bacterium and virus,
oh yeah, baby, take that plasmid,
via my elongated pilus.

(mmm dirty poetry. you know you like that.)

L is for the way you leech off me,
O is for is parasitology,
V is very, very, bad immunology,
E is even more than any virus i abhor...

i hide in academic environment,
it makes me feel so safe from fear,
oh, my, is that an ethical statement?
get me far away from here!

why should singapore give us their money?
besides drinking our milk and honey?
well, once they start getting bouts of dengue,
lol, wait that's actually quite funny.

(i have nothing against singaporeans, really! this is in jest. i kid, i kid. oyy)

and the following is from a lecture on what happens to your shit after you take a dump sanitasation - from its origins in the roman empire to the dark ages to stuff that happens now...

a great empire, vast thy spanned,
from china to turkey to france,
ga ga oh lala,
want your bad romans...

almost the dark ages,
one might say,
'well, that's the story of my life!'
(every frsckn day).

miasma theory,
that of foul airs,
i dream of unicorns and lions,
and ever-late, white hares.

john snow's name is repeated,
about once every hour;
i hate when silly yanks pronounce,
that flour as 'flower'.
john snow's name is repeated,
about once every hour;
i hate when silly brits pronounce,
that flour as 'flaar'.

some things make me really puke,
much more than salmonella,
those things of werewolves and vampires,
of edward and of bella.

cow dung has caused calamities,
of severity unheard;
actually it's bloody diarrhoea,
(bloody's not a swear word).

'til next time, chums.

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