Tuesday, 26 October 2010

son of a female dog google australia

yep, those are my sentiments exactly. except in more profane language. why, you ask? only because when i tried to log into blogger, it kept redirecting me to the login page. over. and over. and over. and over again. it's like a perpetual loop, only the horrible twilight zone kind.

i'm not entirely sure what the problem was, but i tried deleting my cache, and clearing my cookies, and resetting my password etc. apparently there was some notification to verify my e-mail account, too (which i had already done ages ago, but hey, i did it again just in case). and there was a problem logging out of google.com.au because apparently i was signed into too many accounts at once. to my knowledge, i only have one google account, so i'm not entirely sure what's going on there.

basically it was just one big clusterfuck mess. for about 5 hours. did i mention it kept redirecting me to the login page? yeah pretty much that.

so instead of a post, here, you get to enjoy one of my re-visited childhood (awesomeness) favourite movies. man, i always wondered what the hell a quintuplet of black coloured girls were doing in greek higher-up society. singing, too! pow there bows my mind. but i don't really know much about ancient greek demographics and social caste, so maybe it's entirely plausible. that and the fact that they're also stone sculptures etc. nevertheless, awesome song. and the hairstyles! putting prince to shame, you go disney!

(but then hades comes and cockblocks megara's emo / lovey-dovey hissyfit. aw yeah, gotta earn that 'lord of the netherwold, ruler of the undead' title).

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