Sunday, 24 May 2009

what dreams make sense

i have been trying to write something recently, but all that comes to mind as i sit staring at the screen are my attempts to criticise the political and administrative shortcomings of the country (that i perceive through my biased and narrowly-squinted eyes). even before keying in the potential entries, i see there is much to be desired from such posts, as they are neither my forte, interest nor strong point of discourse - though they should be at least two of the aforementioned. as such, instead i furnish you with a followup, to 'what dreams may come' bearing fruits courtesy of my attempts to record dreams. such is from today's adventure:

i wake up mildly annoyed and greatly distressed from a deep sleep gratuitiously attributed to my journey upstate with some friends today (although admittedly i slept throughout the forward journey). which was about 3am, noting i slept at about 9.30pm. as i drift off back to sleep, i notice this dream manifesting almost immediately - i am a jar of peanutbutter.

i am a jar of peanutbutter. not sure if i was smooth, crunchy or extra-crunchy, but i do remember my jar being glass,not plastic (which plays into the story in a bit). someone whom i know (family member or friend) is a bear. big grizzly bear with brown fur and black eyes. and is mauling the shit out of me. broken glass is sharding everywhere and as my peanutbutter innards are spilling all over the place, i'm screaming (wtf?). said bear is hungrily licking the peanutbutter from its paws and proceeds to relentlessly jar-rape yours truly. end of dream.

now, before the psycho-analysis begins, i'm particularly interested in knowing if bears, particularly of the grizzly type, are fond of peanut butter. i mean, i can dig it if it's yogi bear. or even boo-boo bear (face it. as cute as he is, he's damn well an accomplice to all those pic-a-nic heists. why else would he still be hanging out with yogi? plus, he isn't actually the most deterrant person-bears for yogi. god knows what he does with big brother in lieu of commercial breaks. i digress). also, grizzly bears are brown, aren't they? pretty sure they're not black. could be mexican for all i know or even eastern-european. but that's a bit racist, and geographically-ignorant.

in a nutshell, wtf does this dream mean? god, such horribad symbolism.

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