Monday, 29 September 2014

things i wish i had been taught

i am now young as i am old,
so many things i should've been told;
that weren't taught by books on a shelf,
like how to laugh at one's own self.

with all the riches in the world,
of gold, and diamond, and of pearl;
that could not buy one lesson true,
that money won't live life for you.

through all the persons that i've met,
i wish i'd learned one thing as yet;
to see in others what is best.
and life will take care of the rest.

still, oh, so weary, do i grow,
for more pure things, i wish to know;
that is another - the crave - the yearn,
to always hope, and wish to learn.

but, most of all, i should've known, before i am from grace to fall,
"be happy with what we already have, that happiness may bless us all".

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