Friday, 10 May 2013

the night's ardor

oh, eerie moon, thine shine so bright,
let lit this dank, cold starless night,
thine might, shan’t sway even despite,
a halo’d bind to ward of fright.
but stay your say, should, may or might!
that haunt’d twine of occult sprite,
that with the darkness spread’st blight,
a hopeful dim’d to hold thee tight -

but of the sun!
her glow!
her bliss!
that wishful thoughtless soul for this,
begone, thy naked moon of his,
that hers may seal you with a kiss.

oh, moon, with loss of stars tonight – sidereal beauty by my plight,
so clutch mine heart and sunder suns, that you may take me with your flight.

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