Tuesday, 27 November 2012

promethed land

we are all so lonely in a world so populous. until we meet the halves we were split from at creation, the ones we were destined to be with for an eternity and a day. or so the greeks would have us believe.

where has gone the everlasting virtue of affection and love? all has died except for the transience of lust and the temperamental nature of fancies.

pandora has succeeded, and all of women are knives and knaves. prometheus has failed, and all of men are imperfect and disgusting. and to laugh? is zeus, for he has squandered away the woman from which his dethroner is born, in a mythical place, for no man is worthy to seed him, and no woman is true enough to bear him. and that place is more sacred than all zion and makkah and holy lands abound - it is the one promised to nobody at all - the promethed land.

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