Monday, 25 June 2012

lack thereof

i have not been writing lately, and i do not know why. i still find the time, and i still find things to write about, but i feel a lack of muse; a lack of motivation. is this what is writer's block, i wonder? perhaps it will pass soon, perhaps it never will. perhaps i have outgrown blogging as a past time, but perhaps i am just waiting for an inspiration, an inspirator.

on the backhand, i have finally set down and written a short story, which is hopefully on the lines that will draw towards me writing that novel i always wanted to. i wonder if i send it in (the short story), will it be worthy of publishing? it is crude and awkward and entirely detached and unsuitable, but maybe that's where we all start - unrefined and uncouth, until we have made so many mistakes that we arrive at something acceptable as to warrant (in this case) publication.

maybe time will tell, and now i embark upon finishing it! should i post it here, i wonder, chapter by chapter, to compensate for the lack of writing? or should i not bother, and have another draft?

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