Sunday, 15 April 2012

don't waste your time...

... on someone who won't waste their time on you. this is a quote from a good friend of mine, which, though at the time didn't mean much to me, now resonates with a long, dulcet tone in my mind. the theme of this saying, i reckon, is that attraction is not an objective thing. it doesn't matter how you view your 'significant other' (or more relevantly, potential significant other), but how you view each other. one may be truly, madly and deeply in love with another, but not have it reciprocated. and that is all that matters. how one treats another should be mirrored in the relationship, and if it is not, then (s)he should consider the relationship failing, or even non-existant.

now, i post this that seems so intuitive only because, like myself many years ago, we fail to see the obvious nature of the statements until we experience and well empathise with them. i always like a good 'i told you so' when the dawning of what all this means finally emerges in your mind (and heart). it makes me giggle with glee to know that those before me had told me so, and i was oblivious, and now i get to say the same to others! oh, what little joys this world has to offer in others' pains, though the less they are in quantity, the more they are in magnitude.

stop wasting your time!

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