Tuesday, 27 March 2012

darkest star

i laid my back upon this bark,
of willow in this 'ternal dark;
and gazed up to the pitch'd black skies -
a night that doth betray these eyes.

would i were bold as sleepless scars,
that streak the night like falling stars;
thine shooting? false. like hopeless wish,
unrequited, this dazzling kiss.
and laid, thy bussom, heave'd - exhales,
that shake the seas of great narwhales;
for all the time through darken'd hours,
thy radiant vein of divine powers;
may crush this soul and flee thine heart,
that farther flares we drift apart.

so lift'd 'gainst that dimm'd, damned pitch,
yell cursed, cold and heartless bitch,
with raged, cruel, lips, but hold! 'tis life,
how could thine hate cut like a knife?
and still pellucid, 'posed like stars?
not mine, not thine, but both 'tis ours.

now focused, focused, eyes of mine,
through teary oceans dead with brine;
a shallow beacon clips the sky,
what close celestial firefly;
that merges into dark-like glim,
and reappears upon thine whim.
should i that such delicate love?
a gift from Gods and stars above?
ephemeral lines that give thee stead,
for this time 'morrow t'will be dead.

so cupp'd in clasp i hold thee tight,
my firefly, star, and guiding light;
that should i leave the to fly free,
what fool would hope return'd to me?

so set thy sail 'gainst gale'd night sky,
that northern star would fallen grace;
for city, throned in heart and eye,
that crumbles just to touch thine face.

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