Sunday, 29 January 2012

i'm meltinggggg

i asked them, all the pallid pales,
the polar bears and great blue whales;
of how they managed to beat waves,
of heat, of sun, of kings and knaves.

they said, you have pragmatic be,
with air-conds on till shaketh knee;
or hop a public transport when,
it costs all but a dollar ten.

alternatively, said the whale, you could,
swim in the sea just like any whale should;
but, proper, the rhinoceros said,
think with your nose, not with your head!

and sit (or sleep) in library,
it's cold and nice and so very;
sophisticated, you won't grow old,
just maybe tired and slightly cold.

i think the moral of all this, is take the day off, take a treat;
and blast that a/c to the max in an attempt to beat the heat!

i don't normally give a commentary or summary on my own poems (there being a conflict of interest that i would rather people interpret it themselves; not that anyone does), but i feel it pressing to at least mention that this one is because this summer is so frscking hot. 45C hot. and dry. the animal symbolisms are of friends. and now, i sleep -_-

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