Saturday, 25 July 2009

happy belated birthdays

i was never a big fan of birthdays but i somehow manage to remember a few. not because they are the birthdates of people close to me or anything like that, but just because they're numbers that just stick.

happy belated birthday adam j - 4th july which is american independence day, which makes this especially easy to remember. and adam is as american as they come. he's whiter than wayne brady.

happy belated birthday gregor mendel - july 22nd. don't ask me why i remember, i just do. and for those interested in mathematics and biology, he's the guy that got me started down the path of statistics. i still remember the day he told me, 'son, one day the world will be attacked by space alien iguanas, and when that day comes only simple statistics will save us all.' true story.

happy belated belated birthday barbara mcclintock which was 16th JUNE one whole month ago but i was too preoccupied at the time to remember.

also today, happy birthday amelia earheart and alexander dumas, two people i admire (admittedly i looked this up since i could not recall off the top of my head anyone's birtday coinciding with today). i did remember that today was the anniversary of the return of apollo 11, so happy birthday to you, you slick old rocket ship.

p/s: i realise now that my post did not post correctly, so instead of 'today' being 24th july, it is posted on 25th july. as i cannot recall, either, anyone's birthday being today, for all purposes and intents you may assume this post was posted on friday, 24th july 2009.

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