Thursday, 23 April 2009

what dreams may come

i am very fond of the title as a line, albeit i never use it in my daily conversation. i will be the first to admit, i have never read hamlet (and the desire to read it has somewhat deteriorated over the years). apparently, there is a movie of the same name, which i have just discovered while looking up the website linked above. it's pretty dismal that the movie came up first rather than the original source though :/. in any case, i am not sure what attracted me to the phrase - it's probably something i vaguely recollect from my childhood, reading a poem. regretfully i cannot seem to find the poem, but not all is lost! maybe i'll get around to watching the movie. sometime, when i'm free. probably. eventually.

before i proceed unto the core of the entry, a side note: contrary to all the downplaying reviews and hating comments, vanilla sky (which is along the lines of the post i guess?) is a pretty awesome movie. yes, it has tom cruise, you haters. and penelope cruz. but it's a pretty cool movie.

anyway. the inspiration for this post comes from me waking up today. and yesterday. and almost every other day continually for the past 2, 3 months and having vivid recollection of my dreams. now this is not abnormal, especially if a person wakes during the peak cycle of sleep. for those attempting to decipher their meanings from any example i may post. eff you. and freud (see earlier post).

an example: i woke up today, thinking it was 6am. checking the clock reveals it's only 3.40 and i groan (actually i say bleh) as i go back to bed. it's eerie that i almost instantaneously fall asleep but i can remember to the smallest detail a dream where i am meeting some people i haven't seen in a long time. like 10 years. but that's how dreams go. and there are, unsurprisingly, elements of the dream that, if i were awake, scream 'this is a dream!' but, again unsurprisingly, i am unaware of them 'til i've actually awoken 3 hours later. it's all just pretty random stuff, like teleporting people or incoherent chronology of events. but still, the point is. um. really i've forgotten the point i was trying to make. still pretty groggy from waking up :/

but the conclusion was going to be something like, i should get a pen and notebook set beside my bedside and write down these random dreams. maybe compile it into an entry, that might be fun.

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